History of Bingo

The bingo is a game that is thought to be a recent creation, but the origins of the game will take you back long time ago into bingo history. Some believe that the history of bingo dates back to the 16th century in Italy where a similar version of the game was played and it was called Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia, so this means that it was a lottery game. After that we will travel in time 200 years later when a similar game can be observed and it happened in France, where it was called “Le lotto”. At the time when this was introduced it served to entertain only the wealthy.

After that we can also spot a similar game of bingo in Germany. There it wasn’t a gambling game, but more of a game that was an educational tool for the children to learn the numbers. This is happening back in the 1800s and it helped the children to get more familiar with mathematics.

A very important moment in the history of bingo is back in the time when it was introduced to the English speaking countries. In fact many of the historians say that the game was picked up by one man. His name was Edwin Lowe and he was a toy salesman. He saw the game that was constantly being played at a carnival, but back then it was called Beano. The game was a little bit different from the bingo that we know today and especially since it was played with a handful of dried beans, but some of the principles were the same.

The game seemed to be a lot of fun and this man managed to see a huge potential for the game and he introduced it to his friends from New York. People started to get captivated very fast with the game and some say that the name was renamed as bingo, when somebody managed to call the name incorrectly and instead of saying beano, it was bingo.

All this was happening in United States around the year 1930. Edwin Lowe managed to see the potential of increasing the fun of the game by creating a bigger number of combinations when a larger number of players were in the game. He then referred to Carl Leffer, a Columbia University maths teacher that created 6,000 different combinations of bingo cards. Right after that the popularity of the game has started to increase a lot, all over the United States and it soon spread all over the world.

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Although online bingo in Canada is more recent, the game of bingo was has been around for a while as one of the best way to raise funds for charity or for churches. The main reason why it was so popular is because right from the beginning the game was associated with doing good deeds by contributing a small amount of money to a good cause and the second major thing is that it is fun and it keeps you focus.

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