Bingo Games

With roots in a 16th-century Italian Lottery game called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia, Bingo has been around for almost 500 years now. It’s played all across the world and has long been a popular way for people to meet and interact, since players join together as they enjoy the game at, until very recently, community halls of one kind or another. 

As technology has advanced, Bingo has done so right alongside it, with many online operators now offering a range of different games that fall under this umbrella title for people to play on their smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

Different Types Of Bingo Games

One of the many advantages of playing Bingo online is that people aren’t tied to just what’s on offer at their local land-based venue and can pick and choose from a range of different kinds of games when they want to play. The various types available keep the Bingo experience fresh and fun and players engaged to the full:

30-Ball Bingo

If you’re in the mood for a game that plays out as quickly as possible, then this is the variant for you. Because there are only 30 balls in the virtual pot, this variation plays out very fast. You’ll be using cards with nine numbers in total, spread out across a 3X3 grid. Generally, there is only a prize for a Full House in 30-Ball Bingo. 

75-Ball Bingo

Bingo 75 is probably the second-most-popular kind of online game in this category, particularly in the United States and Canada. Your main goal in this game is to get a Full House, but most versions will also hand out prizes for players matching diagonal, horizontal, and vertical lines in 75-Ball Bingo as well. 

75-Ball Bingo cards feature 24 numbers arranged in a 5X5 grid, with the middle square left blank. It offers slightly more variety than its counterparts, and it’s easy to see why so many choose to play it. Bingo 75 Live games are also available nowadays and allow you to interact with a professionally trained, gorgeous dealer in real time as you play the game on your internet-ready device.

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80-Ball Bingo

80-Ball Bingo is a game that has we have online operators to thank for and it’s grown enormously in popularity since it was introduced in the late 1990s. 80-Ball Bingo players will usually be notified of a particular pattern they need to look for before the game begins, and the first person to complete this design will win. 

Bingo 80 uses a card featuring 16 numbers arranged in a 4X4 grid, and potential winning combinations include diagonal lines, four corners, horizontal lines, specific numbers, and vertical lines. Because the patterns are always changing, Bingo 80 is a very exciting online game. And, when you throw Bingo 80 Live options into the mix, you know you’re in for a good time!

90-Ball Bingo

90-Ball Bingo is perhaps the most commonly found variant that you’ll find at online sites. It’s also the most frequently hosted one at land-based halls. 90-Ball Bingo games feature cards with 15 numbers, arranged in three rows of five numbers each. 

Bingo 90 games have three different prizes, usually, with the first one going to the player who completes a single horizontal row. The next reward goes to the Bingo 90 player who completes two horizontal rows, and the final one will be handed to whoever manages to create a Full House. This is the biggest possible prize and will be shared between the winners if there is more than one in a single round. And you can also choose to enjoy Bingo 90 Live if you want to. 

Bingo And Slots Games

The online operators that you’ll find rated highly and recommended by our experts offer a wide range of Bingo and slots games for their players, with some even adding well-loved casino table games to their catalogues. The aim for all is to offer their new and returning players an unrivaled real money bingo experience, so you can look forward to having an excellent time at each one. 

You’ll find the Bingo and slots games you already know and love at our suggested sites, as well as new variations and recent releases to get your blood pumping. Classic slots with their straightforward gameplay join more modern video reel games with special features like Wild icons, Scatter symbols, bonus games, free spins, and Multipliers, and you can try many for free, in Demo mode, before you need to place a bet. There are even Progressive Jackpot prizes available when you’re enjoying Bingo and slots, games that put you in the running for life-changing prizes that can be won by anybody at any time. 

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Do you have to be over 18 to play Bingo?

Whether it’s Bingo 90 Live or any other real-money variation that has caught your eye, you’ll need to be of legal age in your province if you want to play. You have to be 19 in most places, except for Alberta, Manitoba, Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal, and Quebec, where the legal gambling age is 18 years.

How do you sign up at an online Bingo site?

Browse our site and find the operator that offers the kinds of games you want to be able to play on your smartphone, desktop, or tablet. Before you start your Bingo 75 Live game for real money, you’ll need to register for an account at the site and if you'd like, download the mobile bingo app. This is very easy, and you’ll have yours up and running in no time after you complete the registration form. Usually linked to the Sign Up button or similar, you’ll have no trouble getting the process ticked off your To-Do List. 

Which online bingo site should I choose?

For sites that offer a range of variations, including the ever-popular Bingo 80 Live option, OnlineBingoCanada is your best bet. Browse our information to find a site that’s perfect for what you’re looking for. 

Do you mark off your own numbers in online Bingo?

When you’re playing Bingo 90 Live or any other online variation, you’ll find the number automatically marked off for you so you don’t miss a thing. 

Why do online Bingo sites offer bonuses?

It’s an online marketing tool to get players’ attention and ensure they keep coming back to the site.