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Welcome to our Canadian online bingo site. Here you get the chance to find some of the best information that you need to know about the Canadian bingo industry. There are reviews and there are also many articles out there on our website that could offer you a very good idea about what you should expect to find from your online Canadian bingo gambling experience.

Bingo is a very popular game all over the world and it is currently played by many types of players of all ages. Starting from little children and up to senior citizens. The online version of the game however it’s being played mostly by women and their age is generally situated between 30 and 40.

When you are searching for the perfect bingo for money site and you are currently residing in Canada, you need to take into account some different factors. Especially during the moments when you are doing the prospections for new bingo sites. First of all you are probably planning to use Canadian dollars in order to game and this means that you need to find those sites that can offer you the bingo games in your own currency. This way you will avoid a lot of trouble and at the same time you will also know exactly how much you are wagering and you won’t be asked to pay for the currency conversion fees that are generally rather high at the gambling sites.

You need to gather a lot of information regarding the online bingo sites that are open to Canadian players. A good strategy is to always stick to the largest online bingo rooms out there. This will leave you with very little chance of doing something wrong.

Best Canadian Online Bingo Sites

 SiteBonusRatingReviewPlay now
Cash Cabin
CA$200 Match bonus10 / 10ReviewVisit
10 Free spins + CA$25 Free9.9 / 10ReviewVisit
Canadian Dollar Bingo
100% Match bonus9.8 / 10ReviewVisit
Bingo Billy
CA$30 Free9.7 / 10ReviewVisit
CA$200 Match bonus9.6 / 10ReviewVisit
Bingo Liner
CA$200 Match bonus9.5 / 10ReviewVisit
Bingo Cafe
CA$200 Match bonus9.4 / 10ReviewVisit

Mobile Bingo Canada

In order to celebrate the fact that everything can be done right now with your mobile phone, you can always sign up for a mobile bingo site. No matter if you are using the iPhone, the iPad or an Android device, there are tens of options available and many free bonuses waiting for you whether you play bingo 90, 80 or 75.

Playing online bingo is the favourite past time of Canadians, but the question here is why you should play the game on the internet. Many of the players from Canada will just love to play this game from the comfort of their home. Just imagine that you could skip all the hassle of driving over through the cold weather to the local bingo hall and not having to deal with crowds, low prizes compared to the bingo ticket size and any other inconvenience that the land based bingo games can bring you.

Online Bingo FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Simply choose one of our recommended Canadian bingo sites, sign up and pick how many boards for your first game!
Absolutely. You can play online bingo for real money with trusted bingo sites or for free to test the waters.
In Canada, online bingo is 100% legal at our trusted, verified online bingo partners.
We've researched, played and rated each of the top online bingo providers in Canada for you to choose from!

On the other hand, when you are registering for any of the bingo sites that are available out there, you can get the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus. There is a huge number of online bingo sites out there that are even willing to offer you free bingo bonuses, just to try out their bingo games. On top of that there are many free bingo games available on the internet that can offer you the chance to win real money prizes or even online slots in Canada that offer you winning ways. All these things can never be found at a land based bingo hall.

Canadian Bingo Sites

Other things that you should take into consideration include the prices of the tickets. At the online bingo sites these are a lot lower and there are even bingo cards that are worth cents. This allows you to buy tens of bingo games with just one dollar.

The Main Advantages of Online Bingo

Perhaps the biggest benefit of playing Bingo games online instead of at land-based venues is that the internet community is so much bigger. This means that no matter what time you are logging in to your online account, you are guaranteed to find like-minded folk to enjoy a game with!

Then there’s the fact that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes down to which version of the game you want to play. When you are playing Bingo in a brick-and-mortar space, you are limited to just one type of game, but the internet lets you pick and choose from a massive variety of different types. You can choose the pattern for your next play as the mood strikes you and switch, for example, from 75- to 90-ball variations very easily.

And you’re not limited to just playing Bingo, even. Many of the sites we recommend host a range of different games, including slots, Keno, Scratch Cards, and even casino classics. So, you can mix things up and try your hand at 21, Roulette, and many other real money hits whenever you want to.

You can play from the comfort of your own home. This is a wonderful option for people who adore the game but hate the smoky surroundings of most halls. And it applies even if you’re a smoker who hates not being able to light up in the community centre! You can set up the perfect environment for playing because you’re in total control.

The Auto-Daubing function will have a huge impact on your games, too. If you are prone to a little absent-mindedness, then it can be a lifesaver! You don’t have to worry about missing out a number because you’re busy with something else, or even chatting to a new friend. Do what you want, secure in the knowledge that this automatic feature will ensure you never miss out on a win. It means you can also play a lot more cards that you usually do, increasing your chances of taking home some winnings.

Our Strategy, Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Our experts have come together to create a quick checklist of suggestions to ensure that our readers are always having a good game, win or lose.

The first consideration is that you must be sure that you’re playing for the right reasons. Online Bingo is very much based on random luck and so the outcome is very difficult to predict, even when you are a skilled player. So, we recommend that you get into games for the fun of playing and let winning be a happy consequence rather than the main reason you signed in!

Make sure that you are registering at and playing from a reputable website like the ones we have investigated, reviewed, and rated highly here. This means that you won’t run into any trouble when it comes to getting your payouts processed or keeping your sensitive information out of harm’s way.

We think it is best to set yourself a daily limit, too, because it is so important that you don’t get carried away. It could just as easily be the fault of a winning streak or a losing one, and having a fixed budget in place to ensure you keep your feet on the ground is a non-negotiable.

Keeping track of wins and losses is an excellent idea and will help you find a reasonable budget that won’t see you out of pocket if luck turns against you for a while. Be aware that confusion and stress can very quickly suck the fun right out of this great pastime.

Don’t play too many cards at the same time, even with the auto-daubing function available. As tempting as this can be, and as great as it is when you’re riding a winning streak, it multiplies losses the same way it does wins, so keep your wits about you. Deciding on the maximum amount of games you’re going to be playing at any one time is recommended, and can be tied into your daily, weekly, and monthly budgets.

It also pays to play at the right time of day, believe it or not. As convenient as weekends may be, they’re like this for everyone else too, so choosing more off-the-beaten-track time slots during the week can mean bigger wins more often.

Before you dive in to the fun, set some ground rules for yourself. You’ll come out on the other side a lot less stressed and enjoy your Bingo wins even more!