Mobile Bingo Canada 2021

Like in most other countries, mobile bingo has seen quick growth during the last few years. It’s the case with other types of gambling as well, and the numbers keep going up, as more people replace their old phones with smartphones, or upgrade to models that allow them to rely on their phone when it comes to things that they did on their computer before.

Mobile bingo does come with its own set of drawbacks, and the experience you get from it is not going to be the same as the one offered by regular bingo software, which you install on a computer. For one, mobile bingo apps don’t offer as many social and chat features as the standard platforms, since it is difficult to include chat rooms and to make them as fun on a smartphone.

On the other hand, if you don’t have access to a computer which you can use to play your favorite game of bingo, mobile apps can offer you that access to mobile bingo sites, even though the access might be limited compared with what you’re used to. As long as your favorite site has an app created for your smartphone operating system, if you have an Internet connection you can connect and play mobile bingo with your friends.

Mobile Bingo Platforms:

Three major mobile operating systems exist these days, and in order for you to play online bingo on your smartphone, you need to find a mobile bingo site that offers an app for the OS used by your smartphone. You will find that iOS, Android and Windows 8 all have apps designed for bingo players, but that the vast majority will be found on the first two, which are the most popular at the moment. If your bingo site does not offer an app for your smartphone, you can always create an account with mobile bingo sites that does, and use it only when you’re not at home, and you want to play a quick round of bingo. By searching the app market available to you, you should be able to find mobile bingo apps belonging to various companies. Pick the one you like most, or the one that is most popular, download it and install it. It’s as easy as that to get started with bingo apps.

You will find that mobile bingo apps are available both as extensions of bingo sites, and as standalone programs. There are some that offer you the possibility to play together with other players, while others are simple simulations, where you play against the computer, without risking real money.

Canadians should look at apps that belong to mobile bingo sites that cater to them, or simply download one of the many mobile bingo apps that make it a simple game, without real stakes.


As it’s the case with real money bingo sites, bonuses are available for mobile bingo players as well. Many sites try to get their clientele to install their apps as well, so they will offer additional bonuses and games to those that use this option.