Android Bingo Games in Canada

Playing bingo on an Android powered device is easy enough these days. All you have to do is take your smartphone or tablet, access the Play Store, do a search for bingo, and install the bingo apps for Android that are best rated, or popular.

The smartphone allows for the best mobility, thanks to its size, but it sacrifices a bit when it comes to the user experience because of it. While you will be able to play android bingo no matter where you are, as long as you have Internet access, you will probably miss some of the things that you’re taking for granted in the PC version of the site. One of those things that doesn’t seem to translate well is the chat function, which is considered a huge part of the bingo world, but which developers have had trouble with when creating Android bingo apps. As long as you don’t plan on using a smartphone as your main means of playing bingo, you should do fine with it though.

Android powered tablets are somewhere in between the regular bingo sites and the smartphones, when it comes to the features they can offer, and the experience a player enjoys. They do have larger screens, up to 10 inches usually, compared with the 4-5 inches of a smartphone, which means that you get a better experience from them, and more features can be included on the screen at the same time, the chat being the biggest possible addition. On the other hand, they are larger and more difficult to carry, so the mobility factor is not as good.

A quick search for the word bingo in the Google Play store will reveal an abundance of choices, all free to download and install. You will find both Android bingo games you can play for real money, and bingo games you can play on your own, just to have some fun.

Best Bingo Apps for Android

If you have a favorite online bingo site in Canada, they probably have a mobile version of their site, or an Android bingo app you can download. If you have no favorites, look at the apps that are most popular, and you’re probably going to find something of good quality.

Bonuses and promos are available through a bingo Android app, just like they are when you sign-up with a bingo site. Sometimes they are using their own currency in game, which you buy with real money. You should download apps that offer you sign-up bonuses and deposit bonuses, so you first get some free money to try their service, and when you decide to deposit funds you also get something extra to bet with.

The experience you get while playing Android bingo games on android device is going to be different than the one you get from a bingo website. Just because one version is well made, doesn’t guarantee that the other will also be good. Try different bingo apps for Android, but commit to the one that give you the best experience.